So I just wanted to give a small intro as to the background to me wanting to start this thing up

I owe most of my love for travel to my partner, who, being half Italian with parents who took her to all corners of Europe even as a kid, really made me open my eyes up to the beautiful and extraordinary places that are really not too far from our doorstep here in the UK!

A blog is not something I think I would have considered, but actually why not try and write about these things in a nice easy way that can show other people there is far more to other countries than perhaps meets the eye.

We generally try and get away twice a year, with her being a teacher we are very restricted as to when we can go anywhere. This being said, it has certainly not stopped us having some brilliant experiences which myself especially would never have even thought of previously!

At the moment we seem to be trying to make our way around Europe as it is more affordable overall, before looking more outwards. Myself and my partner both still have our dream locations to tick off – Japan and South America respectively.

I’ve visited 22 out of 217 countries. That is 10.14%.

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